Essential Tips for Golf Cart Maintenance and Their Shipping

By using golf carts, you can make it quite simple and easy for getting from one point to another point. Also, usually they are straightforward to maintain as compared to any other kind of transportation. This is one big reason for popularity of the golf cart.

Once you introduce golf cart transport then with minor maintenance of this transport, you can use it very effectively. Also with the help of Ship a Car, Inc. you can easily ship such golf cart too.

Following are few tips for golf cart maintenance that you must follow every time.

  • Keep the batteries charged when golf carts are unused

Usually, these golf carts do not need any fuel or gas for running, as they run on batteries. Therefore, if the cart is not under use then it is better to keep its battery fully charged.

  • Make sure that you check water levels of battery

Besides charging the battery, you also must check whether water levels of these batteries are properly maintained. You may add little water if the water level is down.

  • Keep the battery connections clean

Make sure that the battery connections are not corroded or coated with dirt. You must regularly clean the contacts and also put necessary grease so that it maintains proper contact.

  • Keep the proper tire pressure

As a part of maintenance, it is also important to check the tire pressure which should be at required psi level. If the air is found to be less, then fill the air.

  • Check the brakes once in a year

Also, on yearly basis, you must check its brake condition because most people drive these carts at quite a high speed. Therefore, it is very essential that brake must be well maintained.

  • Check for oil leakage

Make sure that there is no oil leakage in your golf cart as oil leakage indicates trouble.

  • Avoid loading extra stuff on golf carts

Don’t overload your golf cart, as they are not designed to carry too much of an extra load besides few passengers.

  • After every one year get the golf cart professionally serviced

As a part of maintenance, you must make sure that you get a professional service done at least once a year.

  • Avoid driving it if there is any problem

If you think that the golf cart has any problem, then get it rectified first before you drive it.

Shipping of golf cart

If you want to buy your golf cart from somewhere and ship it to your place, then you can also get shipping services from various car shipping companies too. Most of the car shipping companies have excellent drivers who can help you to ship the golf cart, if you want to move between different homes located in different cities.

You can get both enclosed as well as open cart service to transport your golf carts. Often people prefer for enclosed carts as they can protect these carts from bad weathers.

These shipping companies can also provide you door-to-door services and for that you need to pay certain additional charges.

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