Five Helpful Tips when Buying Either a Used or New Vehicle

Many customers prefer to buy a new vehicle to take advantage of the quality of the car and the warranties manufacturers offer. But, some prefer to purchase a used vehicle from a franchised dealership instead of privately. Customers like the fact that the dealership backs up their purchase, has mechanically inspected and reconditioned the vehicle, as well as includes or offer additional warranties. They enjoy the peace of mind knowing the unknown things associated with a vehicle purchase have been addressed. Whether you want to purchase a used or new Honda near Grand Rapids, the tips below will help ensure the success of your purchase:

Do your Homework

Research the vehicle you are interested in. Also, read any consumer reports, car magazine comparisons, and online reviews of the vehicle you are thinking about buying. Determine the dealership that has the best pricing and value for the car you are looking for.

Investigate the Vehicle Thoroughly

When buying any vehicle, you must look at more than just the price. Check the mileage and history of the vehicle if you want a used one. Has it been in an accident? Even if the vehicle has been involved in an accident, it can still be a good deal if it has been fixed properly. If you are buying either a used or new vehicle, it might help to bring a mechanic with you to physically check the vehicle.

Consider the Reputation of the Dealership

Look for online reviews from third party rating websites. Do a quick Google search to get all the information you need about the dealership and how they treat their customers. The best dealerships get mostly positive reviews from their previous customers and respond to you on time if you  have queries.

Ask about their Policies

Check if the dealer has a money-back guarantee. Some dealers provide a two to three day guarantee when you take delivery and decide the vehicle is not right for you. Also, ask about their exchange policy that would let you exchange the car within a certain period. A good dealership should offer either of them.

Check the Vehicle Certification

A lot of dealers provide a certified used vehicle program through their manufacturers. You will pay a premium for a certified used vehicle but it might be worthwhile. You can enjoy benefits such as a more comprehensive reconditioning program, lower interest rates, and an extended power-train warranty that offers more protection than the existing warranty of the manufacturer. Some dealerships even offer financing options. Financing is beneficial whether you want to buy a used or new vehicle as long as you get a good deal.

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