Ways To Disinfect Your Vehicle During Covid-19 Lockdown

We all know that Covid-19 outbreak has changed the lifestyle of many people throughout this world. People have started giving more importance to cleanliness from the past few months due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Staying clean is very important to minimize the chances of Coronavirus infection. Washing your hands frequently is very important to minimize the chances of Coronavirus infection.

We clean our kitchen, bed room, doorknobs what not we are doing everything possible to protect ourselves from this deadly Coronavirus. Here a lot of people forget to clean their vehicle. Remember, cleaning your vehicle is also important while maintaining your home clean. In short, sanitizing your vehicle is very important to keep your family and yourself safe.

How long does the Coronavirus live?

Scientists say that the lifespan of Coronavirus is different on different surfaces. Have a look below to know the approximate lifespan of Coronavirus on different surfaces.

  • Wood: 24hrs to 48hrs
  • Paper: 3hrs to 4hrs
  • Plastic: 7days to 8days
  • Glass: 4days to 5days
  • Cardboard: 24hrs to 30hrs
  • Stainless Steel: 7days to 8 days

As you will have a lot of glass and plastic inside your car, it is extremely important to clean your car frequently. Most of the people use soap water to clean their car. Do you really think that doing this can kill the bacteria and virus on your car? I know your answer would be a straight ‘no’ to this question. You can use hydrogen peroxide solution to clean your car but one important thing which you need to keep in your mind here is it can strain your car seats. Similarly, you can use the ammonia solution to clean your car it can also damage your seats.

There are plenty of car disinfectant products available on the market which you can use to maintain your car clean but they don’t provide a permanent solution to your problem. Looking for a long-term solution? Then Permasafe would be your ideal choice. Autohaus Automotive Solutions have created this Permasafe. Choose Permasafe system installation to keep yourself and family safe from the dangerous bacteria and virus. Worrying about your budget? Autohaus Automotive Solutions don’t charge more from their clients. Hence, you need not think about your budget at all now. Follow the saying “prevention is always better than cure”. Follow all the preventive measures to keep yourself safe.

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