What You Must Ask Your Ture Repair Shop Before You Take Your Vehicle

Often on the way you may need to get your tire repaired in case it has become suddenly flat on the way due to any reason. However, before taking to any repair shop, it is essential to find whether the repair shop is knowledgeable and honest.

Therefore, you must ask the following few questions if you are taking to any tire repair shop other than Telluride Tire & Auto.

  • Have you got certified technician in your workshop?

It is essential to confirm whether the repair shop has any trained and certified technician available for the tire repair, so that they can do proper justice to your tires.

An experienced and certified technician can make right decision whether your tire can be repaired or replaced.

  • Can you give any reference?

It will be a good idea to get a reference and hence you must ask for reference, particularly if the workshop is unknown to you or you are visiting there for the first time.

In case, after talking to any of the reference, you do not get good feedback and you feel little uncomfortable then look for another repair shop.

  • Which equipment are you going to use for tire repair?

It will be always better to know whether the repair shop is equipped with the latest repair equipment so that they can do proper justice to your tire.

Nowadays various new equipment has been developed that can very quickly find the exact location of the damage so that you need not spend too much time in locating the damage of the tire.

  • What are your charges for repairing of tire?

Obviously, you are going to ask this question to any shop, where you will take your car to get the tire repaired. Some workshops charge on the basis of hours spent for repair and few others may charge based on the extent of damage.

  • What kind of auto repair services can you offer?

It will be good to know what other services the repair workshop provides besides repairing only tires. This will help you to get your vehicle repaired if it has been damaged due to any accident or impact.

  • Do you provide any warranty for your repair?

It is essential to ask whether the repair shop provides any warranty of the repair done by them. Also, in case your tire is under any warranty then you must understand that by repairing from any unauthorized shop may void your warranty.

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